In this course of eight lessons, I’ll walk you thru everything you need to know – practical tips – that will help you craft memorable messages. After all, isn’t the point of your presentation to make a lasting impression?

Once you watch these eight videos, you won’t be stressed about public speaking any more – because you’ll have been given the secrets to how people’s brains work. When you know these secrets, you’re in control. You’re in the driver’s seat.

And that makes presenting a lot easier.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Sticky Teaching Course

    • Lesson One: Starts & Stops

    • Lesson Two: Contrast

    • Lesson Three: Repetition

    • Lesson Four: The Power Of Stories

    • Lesson Five: Context

    • Lesson Six: Being a Guide, Not an Expert

    • Lesson Seven: Fighting Boredom

    • Lesson Eight: Endings

About the instructor

Product Strategist, Blogger & Speaker

Chris Lema

Chris has been building web applications since it was possible to connect a database to a web server (1995). A public speaker and regular blogger, Chris enjoys sharing stories that inspire those around him. Today he's the VP of Products at Liquid Web.